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Learning the notes on the fretboard may seem like an easy concept but EVERYBODY skips over this vital point in their guitar journey.

You're not only going to be reminded of the vitality in this but you will be able to re-approach this discipline with a straight-forward guide to mastering it.

You and I are going to start out with just one note and build from there using tools like the "circle of fifths" and many other resources of the like to get you more and more familiar with the fretboard notes!


Fretboard Navigator Includes:


Fretbaord Navigator Digi.png


You're going to learn how to take the knowledge you've learned from the "Creative Harmony Masterclass" and use that theory knowledge to carve out new pathways on the guitar neck.

See, that's been the issue with guitar mastery overall. Although it's not bad to learn conventional box shapes and CAGED systems. These are actually great tools to get you playing when you first start out.

But now it's time to think like a true musician and that's the key to mastering the neck and making the guitar your b$tch instead of the other way around.


Throughout this pack you're going to learn my "3-Point System" and "Root Connection Study" techniques that'll have you studying the neck in the most effective way possible on a daily basis.

It's just like practicing mechanics, you just need a device and a strategy and that's all. This way as you work you grow in knowledge each and every day moving forward.

I always say, "There's no point in owning a Ferrari or super car till you've acquired the right navigation system. Well, welcome to the Navigator🤘🏾



"After 30 years of playing I now play better, I have more confidence, I sound better than I ever have but most importantly, I'm having more fun than I've ever had with the guitar. Thank you, Al!"

- Joey Hocking

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"I took these various techniques and applied them to my routines and I've seen huge gains in my playing and my guitar theory in general. Get with Al, you won't look back I promise you"

- Jon Smee

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"I absolutely love this course. I've been learning a lot of things I've never learned before. Honestly signing up for this course has been the best thing I've done to become a better guitarist and a better musician."

- Frank Ayala

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"The thing I can tell you that helped me the most was Al's cycling method. I pretty much use his methods for everything I do now. I also use to have a lot of thumb and wrist pain but it's all gone now."

- Russ Edwards

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"I'd like to recommend your guitar courses out there to anyone who's struggling to achieve good technique and also a clean sound. Thanks dude!"

- Pablo Wunderlich

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"Al is a top notch teacher. Al will revolutionize how you play, how you write, learn solos, and visualize the fretboard. Don't waist any time over-thinking it. If I can become better, you can too. Sign up Today!"

- Eric Beaty

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