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Master  Theory, Arranging, & Music Production!


It's not enough to know theory alone. You've got to be able to apply it aurally, meaning your ears.

You're going to learn how to train your ears in a way that allows you to analyze music in real time and sample the music you hear in a way you can convey to your own style and taste.

Say goodbye to the confusing and often frustrating process of music theory. You're going to also learn how to apply this knowledge to the guitar so that you can expand on what you'll learn!


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You're going to learn how I put gnarly riffs, epic musical passages, and soaring melodies through my music.

You're going to learn everything I know about song form, groove writing, drum programming, arrangement tools, and so much.

I want you to grasp a keen understanding about workflow in your own home studio and how you can create music balling on a budget.

This is how I made it happen. Know you'll get the secrets...


You're going to learn how with just a few available tools how to mix and master at home.

Finalizing your first project can be a nerve racking process. But fear not because I'm covering every inch of this knowledge.


You and I are going to go straight into my sessions from setting up and routing tracks, processing bass-drum-guitar, all the way to tweaking that master track. Hell yeah!



"After 30 years of playing I now play better, I have more confidence, I sound better than I ever have but most importantly, I'm having more fun than I've ever had with the guitar. Thank you, Al!"

- Joey Hocking

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"I took these various techniques and applied them to my routines and I've seen huge gains in my playing and my guitar theory in general. Get with Al, you won't look back I promise you"

- Jon Smee

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"I absolutely love this course. I've been learning a lot of things I've never learned before. Honestly signing up for this course has been the best thing I've done to become a better guitarist and a better musician."

- Frank Ayala

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"The thing I can tell you that helped me the most was Al's cycling method. I pretty much use his methods for everything I do now. I also use to have a lot of thumb and wrist pain but it's all gone now."

- Russ Edwards

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"I'd like to recommend your guitar courses out there to anyone who's struggling to achieve good technique and also a clean sound. Thanks dude!"

- Pablo Wunderlich

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"Al is a top notch teacher. Al will revolutionize how you play, how you write, learn solos, and visualize the fretboard. Don't waist any time over-thinking it. If I can become better, you can too. Sign up Today!"

- Eric Beaty

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